About Us

We are a young team of explorers. Uninhibited and untamed. Always chasing  star dust, even if it means we travel to the black hole and back. Mars is our planet. The planet of Greek warriors. And ours is a combat against mediocrity every moment of the day.

It’s in our DNA to be curious and courageous. One emanates from the other organically.  Curiosity about what’s happening out there in the universe of advertising and communication makes us wear our armour and march valiantly towards excellence. Excellence is essential to us. It’s our star dust. And we sprinkle some of it on all the projects we undertake.


To put people at the centre of communication. So that communication becomes the centre of business. And business booms to the next level. Out of this world, perfect yet comprehensible to all, intelligible to all.


To help communication evolve to a new plane. Where consumers are empowered to be in an elevated space to take a clear and informed decision about products and services they consume. And companies are able to communicate about their products and services fluently and effectively.